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Owning a beautiful and comfortable home is something everyone wants. There are many ways to decorate the beautiful house that has introduced but in this article we would like to share with you how to decorate the house by using and coordinating color furniture, wallpaper color And stickers are really creative and beautiful.


As one of the few leading companies in the field of wallpaper, since 2008 the wallpaper market in the world in particular and the country in general very few units in this decorative material and especially people Using less is known about it, when few business people, the competition is very little, but with the user also do not know, however, due to the high decorative needs trend and influence more or less from Other environments such as film, music, newspapers ... especially Korean films, Vietnamese who like Korean movies and the scenes in the house almost use wallpaper, which contribute to promote. This type of decorative material becomes a new fad, a new decor and its advantages are not introduced anymore because m i also know.

 To learn more about wallpaper products in Vietnam you can visit the website In the trend of interior decoration can not mention the living room wallpaper, it has contributed. The part that creates the diversity in decoration, showing the personality of each person, emphasizing every living space, beautiful and clean, the level is full on wallpaper.

Here are some sample designs you have for your home.

1.1 Benefits from wallpapers bring wall paper is manufactured exclusively by Tecido for the export market, with the criterion of Japanese quality stability combined with the diversity of European designs, in line with Every style of furniture from classic to modern. wall paper has been certified by the American Material and Test Association (ASTM) to be environmentally friendly and safe for the health of its users. These are very important standards for the building materials and interior decoration sector in the future.
Wall paper is gradually becoming indispensable material in interior decoration, combined with light effects and decorative wood furniture, providing a perfect space for your home.

1.2 How to apply wallpaper properly

You can easily and easily put paper on your wall with the following experience
Wallpaper is no longer new to Vietnamese consumers. Skilful people can buy their own wall stickers if they follow the following experience:

1.2.1. Choose the right type of paper

On the market there are dozens, even hundreds of different types of paper. It is important that you choose the right type of paper that suits your style, needs and conditions of use.
In addition to ordinary paper, there is a good weather-resistant vinyl, which is suitable for tropical conditions of tropical countries.

1.2.2. Choose the right type of glue

When selecting glue paste you need to pay attention especially to the environment and moisture of your home. For sticky paper you need to select a good anti-fungal type, but with vinyl, you need special material for this material.

1.2.3. Round the measurements

The measurements for wallpapers are always rounded up, usually should buy excess compared to the area to paste from 2 to 4 rolls. When you have enough paper, you can rest assured that the connection is beautiful.

1.2.4. Aligned for the standard

Use the margins of the edge of the paper for real, if you need to use a pencil to make a horizontal line mark. You will not be afraid of being deviated by this line.

1.2.5. Preparing it is flat wall

Flat wall surfaces, greasey labels and greaseproofing are required to have a nice wall. In case of need to use sandpaper can be used to grind smooth and use cleaning solution.

1.2.6. Determine the correct starting position

The starting point is also the end point and there will usually be a pattern where the pattern does not overlap, so choose where you do not see it as far as the corner or where the wall will be.

1.2.7. Using sharp knife trimmers truth

Blunt paper knives create dull cuts, so replace blades often to get a nice wall.

1.2.8. Spread flat paper

It is advisable to spread the paper flat before sticking for about ten minutes to allow for easy manipulation and no foaming when glued.

1.2.9. Use cast paper

These new paper rollers will help you smooth the surface and remove air bubbles more easily.

1.2.10. Not afraid of bubbles

Even when bubbles appear, you do not have to worry too much about them. You can remove them by simple measures: Use a needle stitched lightly on them and then gently brush the air bubbles down slowly.

Korean wallpaper is known as a solution to help your house look as radiant as new.
Korean wallpaper with countless styles and patterns can meet all your needs and preferences.
With the advantages compared to the conventional wall paint is that you can easily change the style whenever you want or flexible with the change of life. For small children, moms can choose bright wallpaper, bright animated textures. Or with mature people, can choose for themselves minimalist style with gentle, elegant pattern. Or to the older people often love wallpaper with light color, elegant. It is that flexible element that will create an ideal living space for all members of your family.

Glass stickers is a reputable unit, supplying glass stickers. We have been distributing, supplying and executing high quality products for villas, office blocks, greenhouses and private homes. Stickers with decorative patterns with varied patterns will surely bring a freshness to your room. Today's decorative glass is becoming a trend, a highly aesthetic solution for your windows, glass doors and glass walls.

Because of the convenience, beautiful and easy to use, the glass paste is a relatively consumable item, the demand for stickers is increasing. As a result, some small businesses have used the tactics of exchanging goods, selling counterfeit goods made by counterfeit factories in China and selling them at real prices, with more than double the profits. Therefore, before we seek to buy glass door stickers, need to know the real difference, counterfeit goods to avoid being cheated. Of course, with glass stickers, the price is not high, but when stuck on the patchy color glass is aesthetically lost, just take time and take the peeled paste again.

How to distinguish the goods before buying glasses

Generally, good quality stickers are imported from Taiwan, with safety glass stickers, the back cover is hand print and 1m2 wide. The beautiful glasses do not print the logo, but we can distinguish almost all types of glass paste by the following methods:
First, when touching a layer of laminated paper, it must be thick, roughly grained, and 95% of the fine paper has a rough finish, except for some uncommon patterns.

Before buying laminated paper, roll up a large sheet to see if the colors are similar. Poor quality laminated paper has a patchy color, a darker spot due to poor quality materials that do not feed the ink during production.
Flexible folding, if the glass is poor quality will break because of brittle, not resistant to rain and sunshine, the temperature for a long time when glued to the glass. Also good type of laminated paper only see 1 fold only, when glued to the glass due to direct sunlight, temperature, humidity should be produced paper is quite long.
The density of glue on paper is the same, with no space. We can verify by gluing, if stroked forever inside the paper glass is still air bubble, or peeling, proving that the glue on paper is uneven.

Where to buy glass paper in prestige ?

On top of this, there are many steps to distinguish good and bad laminated paper, you may feel tangled and can not know where to buy laminated glass?

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